Almost in High School…

Hi everyone sorry for not posting a post for a very long but that is what I want to talk to you about right now.
I have not posted a post in a long time because I am almost in hight school! I have been very, very busy preparing for it. I have had to start to pack up everything in my current classromm, I have had to do HEAPS AND HEAPS of tests! And I have had to buy heaps of things for high school, like big pencil cases, folders for different subjects, a new school bag cause right now my school bag is really falling apart!
I apoligise for not posting a new post in ages but I should be posting new posts more!

Cat 🙂

Call Me Maybe

Hi everyone there is this new song that has been on the top 100 going at #1 called Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Rumors say that Justin Beiber tweeted Carly Rae Jepsen on her song then after 3 hours Carly was becoming more and more famous here is her song:


Hi everyone!!! As you all know it is 6 days till Christmas! I am very excited for it!
For me 2011 has gone super quickly! I am also very excited to see which teacher I will have as I am in year6 next year!
I wonder how many presents I will get! But of course it is not all about the presents! It is about Jesus’s birth! Haha but still! I think that every child wonders that!
Thanks again everyone if any of you posted a comment during the year and I hope you all have a great christmas 😀

Funny Christmas

Hi everyone! Because Christmas is coming up I thought that I would share a funny video with you. The original video actually says badger then mushroom but because its nearly Christmas I thought that I would share this special edition

Poor Mrs Thomas…

Hi everyone as you can see the title for this is poor Mrs Thomas. I chose that title because our teacher Mrs Thomas in the holidays got her appendices taken out. When she was let out of hospital to get better she did not recover properly:( So then she had to go back into hospital again:( She is still recovering but all of our class miss her quite a lot. We are all hoping that she will be back to school again.
Because she has not been at school we have had lots and lots of substitute teachers to teach us. So many that I can’t remember all of the teachers names.

Mrs Thomas if you are reading this then I hope that you come back to school soon because all of our class miss you a lot
From catmobo:)

Tonight Tonight

Hi everyone I know that before I said that my favourite song was grenade but right now my favourite list has changed. Because right now my favourite song is tonight tonight. It is now my favourite song because it has a great tune to it, it makes sense and I like all of Hot Chelle Rays (the band that writes tonight tonight) songs!
So because I like this song so much I thought that I might put it up on my blog! Keep reading my blog and try to comment as much as you can:)

Hope that you like it:)

Jump Jope for Heart

Hi everyone at School we are doing Jump Rope for Heart. In Jump Jope for Heart we all have to skip every day for a month and people have to sponsor you to win prizes. Of course I am not a goody, Goody and want all the prizes. I won’t even care if if there wasn’t any prizes.
Anyway if u want to sponsor me than just give me your E-mail. I AM NOT AN ADULT THAT CAN HACK COMPUTERS AND SENT SPAM. I AM JUST A JOINER SCHOOL STUDENT.